The Secret of Saadi's Speech Assent in Golestan


  • Khodabakhsh Asadollahi



Simplification, Honesty, Reality, Golestan, Saadi


Writers, poets, and artists often use different techniques in their art to attract audiences and conquer the hearts of the public, but few techniques accepted by audience. The subject of this article is to examine the secrets of Saadi's speech in Golestan. To this end, in a descriptive-analytic manner, in library form and after a preliminary mention to Golestan’s introduction, the main themes are characterized by clear language as honesty, diversity, realism, rhyme and mastery. In presenting the material, through mentioned factors, we have stated that the Golestan has been able to have a deep degree of general and specific gratitude and to be a conduit for many people's psychological well-being. The result is that not only the thought is enough to write a work, but also the way it is presented and the choice of explicit and simple language and its components are very effective in assent of audience. This is the endorsement of Saadi's speech in Golestan.


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ASADOLLAHI, K. The Secret of Saadi’s Speech Assent in Golestan. Nuances: Estudos sobre Educação, Presidente Prudente, v. 30, n. 1, 2019. DOI: 10.32930/nuances.v30i1.7098. Disponível em: Acesso em: 23 fev. 2024.



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